Virtual Reality, a show-stopper for Sexpo

This year’s Sex Expo, better known as Sexpo is on again this weekend.

Offering an array of sexual, lifestyle and health related entertainment and products, the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre has come to life this weekend.

Some of this year’s headlining acts include adult stars like Jesser Rhodes and Miss Universe Nude 2015.

Bentleigh Gibson, Event Director for Sexpo Australia says, this is the tenth time Sexpo’s been to Perth and this year they’re focusing on technology.

Mr Gibson says, “We’re bringing the future to Perth this year. We’ve a particular focus on virtual reality.”

“There’s some very cool things happening at this show. We’ve got virtual reality (VR) adult content, VR gaming, and there’s a cool ride called the Megatron, which is the only ride of it’s kind in WA, and we’ve also got the Drone X Arena, which is a 2.5000 cubic meter space dedicated to drone racing, freestyle drone piloting and drone sales,” he says.

There’s about 150 retailers at the exhibit, with content relating to health, sexuality and lifestyle products. Sexpo is a national exhibition, with shows in most states.
Mr Gibson says there are a few reasons people should come to Sexpo.

“A lot of people come simply for a fun day out with family and friends, curiosity is also another big factor why people might come, entertainment, health, education, to be informed and entertained are some of the key reasons why people pop down here,” he says.

Mr Gibson encourages the public to have some fun by visiting the exhibition with an open mind and they’ll enjoy themselves.

Sexpo is on at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 5th- 7th.

Tickets are available at the door, or for a discounted price, buy them online.

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