Avril Lavigne…really a clone?


Can it really be true, is Avril Lavigne dead? The internet seems to think so.

The Canadian, Complicated singer is rumoured to have died and been replaced with a clone named Melissa Vandella in recent years. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this either.

However, this rumour is in the spotlight again as sceptics are still claiming the star’s been replaced in the media by her body-double she used when she was younger and more camera-shy.

Fans are taking to social media to share their frustration about the hoax that has them as the victims, fooled into believing the star died and has been replaced in recent years by this woman named Melissa.

The ‘new Avril’ rumour has been flooding the internet for the last few days after re-surfacing again and stirring up controversy on social media. It originally gained traction from a Brazillian Avril Lavigne fanclub years ago, and although it’s publicly been de-bunked, fans are still talking about the conspiracy.

It’s believed that outfit changes, lyrics in her recent songs and even slight facial changes over the past ten years are all the proof needed to show the star has died and been replaced in media with this Melissa.

‘@AvrilLavigneisdead’ is trending on social media and the website rumoured to be where the hoax started years ago, is speaking out about it…again.

Rafael Almeida Melo runs the UnitedforAvril fanclub and spoke to CBS about the rumours. “There are people who blindly believe in everything they read. The majority forgets that she became very popular at only 17, and now she is a 32-year-old woman. People can change.”

If it’s trending, we’re talking about it, so dead or alive, people are still talking about Avril and her ‘clone’, so we are too.

Picture Courtesy: Avril Lavigne’s Facebook Page

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