Barnaby expected to win seat back

Barnaby Joyce is the favourite to win his former seat of New England, in a by-election triggered by his disqualification by the High Court.

Mr Joyce lost his seat as a result of the citizenship crisis that has seen a number of MPs and senators disqualified for holding dual citizenship.

With the coalition government only just holding a majority, Mr Joyce’s re-election is vital in enabling the government to pursue its agenda effectively.

Despite winning the last election with a comfortable lead, there are worries that the performance of the Turnbull led-Coalition government may weigh him down.

Mr Joyce has described himself as “confident, not cocky” about his chances to win the re-election, and has said there is a lot of work to be done.

He is facing 16 opponents in the election, but none have emerged from the pack as a clear rival.

32,836 votes have already been cast by early voters, making up about one third of the electorate.

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